Angel Charity Awards Grant to Diaper Bank

The story of Elontec cannot be told without the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona. Elontec CEO Ginger Clayton began her career as a single mom working three jobs to support her children. Now, she runs a company that employs 100 people and secures contracts with large and small businesses nationwide. She will be the first to give the Diaper Bank credit.

Recently, she told her story as part of a presentation to Angel Charity. When her children were young and she was struggling financially, she found herself short on diapers one night. Without diapers, she would not be allowed to drop them off at daycare. Without dropping off at daycare, she couldn’t go to work. Without going to work, she couldn’t keep her job, and without her job, she couldn’t put a roof over their heads. The Diaper Bank supplied her with the diapers she needed to prevent this cascade of terrible events. She’s been a supporter ever since.

When she moved to Phoenix, Ginger founded the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona to extend services to families in the region. Elontec employees regularly hold donation drives, volunteer, and make deliveries with our company trucks to support the Diaper Bank’s work. Learn more about the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona and how you can help.

Elontec CEO Featured in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine

As a result of their application and presentation, Angel Charity awarded the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona with a $600,000 grant. They’re using it to pay off the mortgage on their new building, which contains warehouse and office space. This will save them around $50,000 per year, or in diaper terms, 8.5 million diapers over 30 years. The economic ripple effect of helping parents is immeasurable, as Ginger’s story demonstrates. She responds,

“When I read this article, I was reminded about where I came from and the struggle of leaving my small Vermont town to come to the big city of Tucson for college, with the goal of accomplishing great things. I am reminded of the importance of help with a few diapers, wonderful family and friends, great mentors, and the gift of grit that my parents taught me. Thank you again, for helping me pay it forward. It wouldn’t be possible without all of you!”

You can view the article in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine online, page 7. Don’t miss page 6, where you can see the boss herself posing with a dolly and forklift.