How To Avoid Downtime When Moving Data

It’s projected that by 2018, 60 percent of all enterprise IT workloads will be running in private or public clouds, with much of it involving data analytics and core business applications. But along with this projection, IT leaders are becoming increasingly concerned about the risks that this movement of data will bring and primarily, its associated downtime.

Dealing With More Data Than Ever Before

Today’s data sets can be almost one million times the size that most enterprise databases were one or two decades ago. With this growth comes the potential for a greater amount of downtime while moving the data. You’re now looking at possibly hours of downtime instead of minutes. And if your business is like most, you cannot simply take a time out while you wait for your data to finish transferring.

Maintaining Availability and Integrity of Data

Of course, with the growth in the sheer amount of data comes more sophisticated ways of handling data. For example, businesses can maintain the availability and integrity of data through active data replication. This process allows live data to exist in multiple places at once, and be in-sync.

Whether you are moving data to the cloud or to a new server room, Elontec’s relocation and technology services offer solutions to reduce or eliminate downtime to keep your business going.