Moving Business Communications Forward

Regardless of the size of your business, if your communication system hasn’t evolved with the changing times, you and your employees might not be productive as you could be. With the right business communication tools, you can improve workflow and create a culture of teamwork. Consider these tools that will move your business communications forward and keep everyone connected.

Social Intranet Software

Having a social intranet gives your employees a central portal to access communications, important information, documents and contracts. This can help decrease your IT maintenance costs, especially with BYOD and telecommuting to increase productivity with a more flexible workforce.

Messaging and Chat Tools

Having collaborative spaces where project teams and groups can communicate with different members helps keep track of their progress. These applications come in handy for inter-office and mobile communication. They are less disruptive than phone calls, but less likely than emails to get buried.

CRM Software

Customer relations management software is best known for its role in navigating customers through the sales funnel. However, there's a broad range of applications that go beyond simply closing the sale. Having software to track customer issues improves customer service by allowing your customers or employees the ability to submit an issue. That issue can then be tracked, prioritized, or assigned to the appropriate department and followed through completion. This helps prevent issues from becoming lost, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

State-of-the-Art Phone Systems

Digital and hybrid phone systems from Vertical and Cisco offer state-of-the-art functions that keep your employees connected. Cloud-based and IP phones simplify communication with easy to use apps and options that accommodate today’s business needs for flexibility with communications and mobility.