Office Relocation Checklist

Relocating your office can be a hassle. It's easy to overlook details as you balance daily operations with moving, and small to medium business owners may simply lack the time or manpower to get it done without a hitch. That's why we advise hiring commercial relocation specialists. Here are some things to consider:

  • Make a Plan. If possible, allow yourself at least three months to make a plan before moving day. Make sure your employees are informed about the move well in advance, so that they can manage workflow and transition smoothly. If you are moving far, consider that some employees may leave the company.
  • New or Used Furniture? Are you going to keep all your furniture, some of your furniture, or purchase all new furniture? You are going to have to decide what’s going, what you will need to dispose of, and where it will be going. If donating or selling furniture, you'll have to arrange for pickup. When buying furniture, you'll need to consider your budget, whether used furniture is an option, and how it will all fit in your new space.
  • Technology Concerns. The less downtime you experience during a move, the better. Set up technology and communications in your new space seamlessly to hit the ground running. And if you have a corner or storage closet piled up with old electronics, you are going to have to dispose of those items, whether you donate them or recycle them. So, this means you are going to have make sure that all personal data is erased from them.
  • Storage Considerations. You might need to temporarily store files, equipment, furniture, or inventory during your move. Or if you are downsizing, you might need permanent storage for file or document archives.

A good way to ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly is to enlist the assistance of Elontec. We are well equipped to handle all the steps needed for a smooth transition, including all of the above services. We manage relocations on a project level with respect to your budget and strict timeline.